Femi CEO is serious about feminine hygiene as she sits down with OBGYN’s and community health leaders.

One thing is certain about Davielle Jackson, founder and president of Femi Secrets, She is serious about women’s health and practices what she preaches. Coupled with a biology degree, Jackson created Femi products with the sole purpose of women health.

As it pertained to women’s health week and national check up day, Jackson invited several locals physicians and community health leaders to discuss the current state of women health. Jackson’s main concern is the absence of communication and conversations about the subject matter as a whole. Women feel a need to “hide” their health issues, even from their own doctors.

Femi, the company and brand, is here to put this taboo state of feminine hygiene to a stop. Women’s health will no longer be a taboo topic. With communication, leads to conversation, leads to education, leads to prevention and early detection, is one of Jacksons favorite lines. Femi is determined to serving women with healthy products while also keeping them educated and enthused about their femininity.

With her leading patented product Pretty Panty, Jackson has already spearheaded a movement of feminine hygiene products to help women on their feminine and life style journey. But no other products are as specific or even comes close to Femi Products which are biodegradable, healthy and disposable. Making a women’s life really easy, while also protecting their health.

Jackson, advice to women, “be overly educated on the contents of products you put into your body. Do not reuse products, as contaminated products carry bacteria if not cleaned properly and lastly, use Pretty Panty during any feminine issue, such as yeast infections, bacteria vaginosis as well as std’s. It is paramount that these soil panties are disposed off, or recurring infection will keep occurring and may cause long term issues.”

pretty-panty box image

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