Davielle Jackson opens up New Year as one of the top Health Care Leaders Emerging

Health Care! Would one think of health care when relating to the Fem Tech CEO? Probably not in the past. But recently he mission has become more clear and it is clear that she created Femi Secrets to help women but with women health as her #1 PRIORITY.

Recently there has been a lot of light shed on the misuse of materials as it relates to women health and feminine care products. These materials have been linked to serious illness in women causing life changing events. Jackson has always been ahead of the curve. As governor Cuomo announcing his bill for toxic chemicals to be listed on products (https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-proposal-executive-budget-protect-new-yorkers-unknown-exposure-toxic).

Now you will see many competitors following suit of Femi Secrets. Before they were not health focused, but now they are. Thanks to Jackson and her biology degree, spearheading the movement of women’s  health being first and sales being last, when it comes to feminine hygiene products.

But what highlighted this entire article is the fellow selected leaders of the article. With only six selected, see below line up. Partnered with epidemiologist, MD’s, Health Care Community Leaders and Stem Cell Innovators.

If you can say anything about Jackson, she is in great company and on the right course to continuing to make and create history, as a Fem Tech leader and top-tier CEO!




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