Microsoft Celebrates Entrepreneur’s Week. Femi Secrets CEO Guest Speaker!

Award winning business owner Davielle Jackson, set to speak at Microsoft on behind her brand. Jackson has a prolific background in business in only a few years of being a business owner. She recently won one of the largest business competitions in the world and is also set to speak at the upcoming black women talk tech conference in NYC this month!



Owner of Brand Femi Secrets now Award Winning company!

Davielle Jackson is announced winner in 43 North Business competition! 43 North business competition is the largest business competition in the world! Femi Secrets, her company, dedicated to feminine Hygeine and support of women during the vulnerable times, beat our over 6,000 companies who applied!

Jackson is dedicated to breaking records and blowing minds and it seems she has done it yet again!

She is excited to partner with 43 North and their Buffalo Billions efforts! Femi Secrets is dedicated to helping all women,one woman at a time and motivating women so that they understand anything is possible.


Femi Secrets the “Why”!

Healthy products for healthy women!

Ms. Jackson, who is an advocate for health and most importantly women’s health, created the brand Femi Secrets in order to provide women with safe and healthy options for the feminine hygiene, beauty, motherhood and life needs!

While keeping the main women “Mother Nature” in mind, Femi Secrets products are  healthy for the environment as well as the ladies.

Releasing 5 New products into the market, Femi Secrets along with Ms. Jackson, is excited to continue to help women!

Ms. Jackson Pays it forward! Owner of non profit I am #1

Ms. Jackson lives by the words she preaches! Excited about the new fund-raiser to close out 2017. Ms Jackson non-profit provides life tools for young ladies in the age group’s 8th  – 12th graders.  The non profit focuses on allowing ladies to put them Selves first before choosing to be mothers and wives. Allowing themselves to follow all their dreams and feeling self fulfilled before motherhood.

Along with book Ready, Set Go!, Ms Jackson provides counseling and therapy to the young ladies who may be in need. She provides any services that will help them to put their education first, not limited to school supplies, feminine hygiene products, transportation and clothing.

The funds that will be raised will go towards sending the young ladies to college, allowing mentoring programs to continue through college and continuing to the things listed above.

“We have to start with our future, if we want the future to be better!”

Lets invest in the future!

When Girls do the work! Ready, Set Go Still changing lives!

Nothing makes me feel more special, then when a young lady comes to me and states that I have changed her life. My book, my work, Ready Set Go, helped her so much she wanted to share it with her sister who is only 15. She wants her sister to be ahead of her.

See the images of her doing her work! Doing the work from the book! We must do the work if we want pure freedom and life happiness.

The author of Book Ready, Set, Go! Davielle Jackson named first black Women and Black-owned business to have product in the feminine hygiene sector in both Target and Wal-Mart!

Davielle Jackson officially released product all across the United States in Targets stores. Mission deemed impposible, she looks at it as a miles stone. See how she is able to get it all done so quickly in her new book Ready, Set Go! The Green Print will layout the way for you to achieve your dreams in a multifaceted and speedy way.




Ready, Set, Go! By Davielle Jackson! Available on right now! Changing lives one page at a time.

One year after opening her first company, Davielle Jackson at the young age of 26 was partnered with Wal-Mart, one of largest mass retail chains in the world. It was at that point that she decided she wanted full control of her own life, her own destiny and wanted to make her own money. With that noted, she dropped out of medical school, resigned from her job, and followed her passions and dreams.
In 2016 she was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year and graced the cover of the Atlanta Businesses Journal, leaving her mark in history as being one of the youngest achieve both.
Being approached by an overwhelming amount of people asking how she accomplished these things at such a young age and in such a short amount of time prompted Davielle to write Ready Set GO! Always being in negotiations for new business ventures and the formation of new companies didn’t leave time to address everyone’s questions, so she decided to instead give them The Green Print.
Ready Set GO! is The Green Print to her success. This is Jackson’s way of paying it forward and inspiring others to live their dreams and live for themselves while also making millions.Ready, Set Go! By Davielle Jackson