Femi Secrets Partners with Wegmans Retail Stores During Covid-19

Resilience and determination is two words that should always come to mind when mentioning Femi Secrets and their CEO Davielle Jackson.

Its no shocker that the brand is award winning with a leader determined to make sure every woman has access to healthy products as she continues to fight for them daily.

During Covid-19 nations shut down and pandemic, Femi Secrets was horrified but not shocked that so many women were in need of feminie Hygeine supplies. Femi Secrets banded together with limited staff to ship out over 500 free care packages to women in need. Not only were stores out of product but some women just plainly said

“With out a job, I can only afford sanitary supplies for my daughter and not myself. Anything will help”.

Which was totally disheartening to our CEO and she immediately jumped on board to help and find solutions. With limited staff on hand, Femi found a way to help women once again.

Femi will currently be available at all Wegmans stores with their signature product the Pretty Panty providing women with the healthiest solution and ultimate protection while on their periods. Femi is also providing 2 free Femi Wipes to women who purchase the Pretty Panty from Wegmans as added bonus to assist women with their sanitary needs during COVID-19.

Femi CEO Does it again! Covid-19 Relief for women.

No one is helping women during this pandemic. We are receiving constant emails about stores being out of sanitary products and I have to help them“. Says CEO of Femi.

Many women extended their gratitude for the help of Femi Secrets during the shut down and lockdown of our country due to corona virus. Jackson, pledged to help as many people as possible by providing free sanitary products.

Femi Secrets continues to lead the market spearheaded by their dedicated CEO Davielle Jackson.  Continuing to show they are dedicated to women, not just the market.