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Femi CEO Does it again! Covid-19 Relief for women.

No one is helping women during this pandemic. We are receiving constant emails about stores being out of sanitary products and I have to help them“. Says CEO of Femi.

Many women extended their gratitude for the help of Femi Secrets during the shut down and lockdown of our country due to corona virus. Jackson, pledged to help as many people as possible by providing free sanitary products.

Femi Secrets continues to lead the market spearheaded by their dedicated CEO Davielle Jackson.  Continuing to show they are dedicated to women, not just the market.


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Femi Selected as top 5 company to watch in 2019

Over the course of 5 years,  43 North, the largest business competition in the world has brought into the Buffalo NY sector over 100 businesses. But what no one could ever contest is Femi Secrets remains and is one of the best companies to every come into the snow filled ice town.

The snow has never stopped CEO Davielle Jackson. As she mentioned in previous interviews, when she landed for the first time in Buffalo, she landed in a Blizzard and was stuck in ice chilled snow traffic for 7 hours. A normal person would have gotten beat by this and said, let me get out of here but Jackson never shy’s away from a challenge.

Being a 2 time winner of the 43 North competition with the winning of follow on funding, Jackson is still leaving footprints and setting the bar high for all the companies to follow. Its safe to say, we need to keep a close eye of Femi Secrets and their relentless CEO. As it appears she will stop at nothing to make sure the company is one of the best to ever do it.



Davielle Jackson opens up New Year as one of the top Health Care Leaders Emerging

Health Care! Would one think of health care when relating to the Fem Tech CEO? Probably not in the past. But recently he mission has become more clear and it is clear that she created Femi Secrets to help women but with women health as her #1 PRIORITY.

Recently there has been a lot of light shed on the misuse of materials as it relates to women health and feminine care products. These materials have been linked to serious illness in women causing life changing events. Jackson has always been ahead of the curve. As governor Cuomo announcing his bill for toxic chemicals to be listed on products (https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-proposal-executive-budget-protect-new-yorkers-unknown-exposure-toxic).

Now you will see many competitors following suit of Femi Secrets. Before they were not health focused, but now they are. Thanks to Jackson and her biology degree, spearheading the movement of women’s  health being first and sales being last, when it comes to feminine hygiene products.

But what highlighted this entire article is the fellow selected leaders of the article. With only six selected, see below line up. Partnered with epidemiologist, MD’s, Health Care Community Leaders and Stem Cell Innovators.

If you can say anything about Jackson, she is in great company and on the right course to continuing to make and create history, as a Fem Tech leader and top-tier CEO!




CEO of Femi continues to set the industry tone.

Femi CEO Davielle Jackson continues to set the tone for a “taboo” industry. Elevating a woman to a higher level of hygiene is her ultimate goal. Via education, and the use of FDA approved products Femi CEO assures, statistically she will change the course of the market but thats not enough.

Femi CEO spices things up with “risky” Femi girl commercial. She has been in a battle with mega tech stars Instagram and Facebook as they continue to give her strife about the commercial.

But women should feel pretty, they she feel good, they should not be cornered and shamed during the monthly cycle, say’s Jackson. And the commercial does just that. It highlights a women in her every day space, but in a strong and uplifting manner. But most importantly in the Pretty Panty.  We have a beautiful product that women can show and be proud ofstates Jackson.  Femi goals are to make every woman feel free to discuss her monthly cycle and any feminine issues related there of. Every woman should feel beautiful and empowered, especially during that time of the month.

Is the commercial that risky?


CEO of Femi take’s home another championship

It seems hard work does pay off when it come to the Femi President and CEO Davielle  Jackson.

“We break records and exceed expectations”  Is what Jackson stated in a recent Buffalo News article and thats clearly what she means.  1 years after becoming one of the worlds largest business competition winners, Jackson wins again! A follow up prize granted to the teams who have performed at the highest standard. 

Since Jackson’s 2017 win, she has launched 5 new products and created a E-commerce space that is quoted to be the next dollar shave club, who just sold for a billion dollars this year.

Jackson is on course to open a fulfillment and distribution center where she is set to create over 120 new jobs in the next 3-5 years.

A disrupter is what she is known as…  need we say more!




Is a Femi Girl a Forbes girl???

The waves keep on erupting as Davielle Jackson CEO At Femi continues to make them by being featured in Forbes. Femi Girl Forbes article

After the huge launch of the Femi E-Comm sector release, Jackson was highlighted in Forbes for not only her business savvy effort, but her philanthropy and how she will create jobs by attacking a taboo subject of feminie hygiene.

The Forbes writer Geri Stengel writes for women@Forbes. The article reads, In 2012, Jackson developed a prototype and manufactured it overseas. Her fashionable leak-proof panty with a built-in pad that is biodegradable, disposable, and comfortable became the first product from Femi Secrets. Like many millennial African American women, Jackson sees entrepreneurship as a way to build wealth.

One of the highlights of the article is Jackson being a select few of individuals to own patents.

Usually, women, especially women of color, don’t patent their products, according to Closing the Gender Gap in Patenting, Innovation, and Commercialization by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. But Jackson patented Pretty Panty.

As the article highlights, Jackson covers all her bases and is a force to be reckoned with.  The article also highlighted the future goals of Jackson.

Jackson has bold goals — scaling to $20 million in revenue in the next three years, building her own manufacturing facility, and expanding globally.  “I do want to sell at some point or we might even go public,” she said. And of course she has lots of ideas for more products.

Lets keep our eye of Femi CEO as she states The Pretty Panty is only the beginning.

IMG_3437 2


Femi Secrets take over Lafayette square in Downtown Buffalo, NY.

With the launch of her new e-comm sector, Davielle Jackson CEO of Femi decided she would double down on such an amazing day. Coupled with an evening launch party, featured on the local news,  Jackson took over the day.

Jackson a business native of Atlanta,  took over Lafayette Square in New York with the irony being, she is a Lafayette Louisiana native as well.  They say God has a sense of humor😊.

“No one has ever seen anything like this in Buffalo states Graspie owner Derrick Parson.

Jackson had flags waving and drones flying all to capture the immense moments of the launch of Femi and her new product Femi Box reveal. The question is always.. “are you a Femi Girl?”

Moving fast, over 300 women (and men) came to the big pink tent to see what was the big take over all about. Jackson was present with her Femi team teaching women how to live a fresh and hygienic life.

See the video and images below of the amazing day.See the video and images below of the amazing day. Femi Owner is fearless, confident and forward thinking, which is to our understanding the definition of a Femi Girl!


IMG_2974 2IMG_2738IMG_1982IMG_1873


CEO @ Femi Secrets, business mogul or fashion model??

Fashion show in the same day as her pop up shop??? 🤔🤔🤔.

Davielle Jackson’s work ethic has never been questioned since the moment she partnered with Walmart 6 months after releasing her patented product but could she pull off a fashion show, launch party, pop up shop, a national television commercial and the release of 6 new products all in one day, SUCCESSFULLY ??



See video below.

The Fem Hy business mogul is without an doubt changing the market and highlighting  feminie hygiene from another stand point. Sit back and watch as no one knows, what Jackson will do next! Coupled with an ice sculpture her Femi Logo reveal, the future surprises look sweet! #Femiapproved